Publications – Full List

All E&E and Tufnell publications can be found on Amazon, good bookstores and from our websites. Please contact us directly for personal sales an invoicing – see contacts page.

All E&E publications come with a free digital copy.

  1. The implications of ‘New Populism’ for Education, Edited by Yalız Akbaba and Bob Jeffrey
  2. The Postmodern Professional, edited by Karen Borgnakke, Marianne Dovemark and Sofia Marques da Silva
  3. An Ethnography of Multilingualism in Early Education – Claudia Seele
  4. Identity and social interaction in a multi-ethnic classroom – Ruth Barley
  5. The benefits, problems and issues of comparative and cross-cultural research: Ethnographic Perspectives. Edited by Bettina Fritzsche and Christina Huf
  6. Performativity in Education:  An international collection of ethnographic research on learners’ experiences – Edited by Annette Rasmussen, Jan Gustafsson and Bob Jeffrey
  7. The Primary School in Testing Times:  A classic ethnography of a creative, community engaged, entrepreneurial and performative school.  – Bob Jeffrey
  8. Testing times in English primary schools 1992-2012: The effects of a performative culture on teachers’ and pupils’ relations and identities – E Book – Bob Jeffrey
  9. Learning care lessons: Literacy, love, care and solidarity – Maggie Feeley – 2014
  10. Learner biographies and learning cultures: Identity and apprenticeship in England and Germany – Michaela Brockmann – 2013
  11. Performativity in UK Education: Ethnographic cases of its effects, agency and reconstructions – Edited by Bob Jeffrey and Geoff Troman 2012
  12. Bullied into it: Bullying, power and the ‘conduct of conduct’ – Paul Horton
  13. Understanding Pupil Resistance- Integrating Gender, Ethnicity and Class: An educational ethnography – Lisa Russell – 2011
  14. Young people’s influence and democratic education: Ethnographic studies in upper secondary schools – editors Elisabet Öhrn, Lisbeth Lundahl and Dennis Beach – 2011
  15. Ritual and Identity: The staging and performing of rituals in the lives of young people – Christoph Wulf – 2010
  16. How to do Educational Ethnography – Edited by Geoffrey Walford – 2008
  17. Performing English with a postcolonial accent: Ethnographic narratives from Mexico – Angeles Clemente and Michael J. Higgins – 2008
  18. Education and the Commodity Problem: Ethnographic Investigations of Creativity and Performativity in Swedish Schools – Dennis Beach and Marianne Dovemark – 2007
  19. Creative Learning Practices: European Experiences – Edited by Bob Jeffrey – 2007
  20. Researching Education Policy: Ethnographic Experiences – Geoff Troman, Bob Jeffrey, Dennis Beach – 2006