The Oxford Ethnography and Education Conference (OEEC)

The Oxford Ethnography and Education Conference (OEEC) is held annually in September in Oxford, England over 2 days and has existed since 1977. It is a small conference where about 50-60 papers are distributed prior to the conference and 40 minutes is given to each paper presentation in three parallel sessions with the author/s only given 10 minutes introduction. The rest of the time is given to discussion of some of the issues arising from the paper. There are a regular wide range of experienced and inexperienced delegates from the United States and North and South America, Europe and the Near and Far East including Australia. We also encourage PhD students, in particular, who find the format very useful. Many of the articles are then submitted to our journal Ethnography and Education.

The 2019 conference will be held from Monday 9 – 11 September.

The European Conference of Educational Research (ECER)

We organise a network at this conference and the 2019 conference is being held from 2-6 September 2019 in Hamburg Germany. Contact the the ECER website for information concerning registration. ECER